Introducing the Drain-Free Tummy Tuck with TissuGlu®

Dr. Bash is pleased to offer a revolutionary surgical technique that can eliminate the need for surgical drains in tummy tuck procedures! Drains are typically inserted post-operatively to prevent fluid accumulation that occurs between tissue layers after surgery. Although they have been necessary for quite some time, drains are awkward, messy, and cumbersome for patients to carry around for weeks after their procedure. TissuGlu works by strongly adhering the tissue layers together, reducing the space between the layers where fluid may collect. As innovators in plastic surgery, we are proud to give our patients a recovery free from anxiety about the aftercare of drains.

Watch this video to find out more about this exciting technology!

What is TissuGlu?

TissuGlu is the first and only FDA approved surgical adhesive for internal use. It’s lysine-based, so it’s completely safe and breaks down into harmless components within the body. During the tummy tuck procedure, TissuGlu is applied in a grid pattern with a very precise applicator. After application, TissuGlu creates a strong bond to hold the tissue layers together, helping reduce the space between layers where fluid usually collects. TissuGlu is incredibly strong, with the ability to hold about 10 pounds of shear force (the type of force your body exerts when you bend or twist).

How does TissuGlu work?

TissuGlu is applied in a grid pattern with a precise applicator to create multiple points of contact to ensure that the tissue layers are bonded together very tightly. This strong bond prevents pockets where fluid can accumulate, allowing your body to resorb fluid naturally as part of the healing process instead of having to recover with cumbersome drains.

Who is a candidate for TissuGlu?

A drain-free tummy tuck with TissuGlu may not be for everyone. Depending on your health history or procedural plan, you may have an increased risk of fluid accumulation. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Bash to find out if a drain-free tummy tuck with TissuGlu is the right experience for you.

What are the benefits of TissuGlu?

TissuGlu gives our patients the advantage of no post-operative drain care, a better quality of life during recovery, and less burden on caregivers. We know that the pain and discomfort associated with drains is the number one complaint of abdominoplasty patients. Instead of spending time managing messy drains and anticipating the potentially painful drain removal procedure, you can get back to being you and start enjoying your results more quickly with TissuGlu.

What is recovery like with TissuGlu?

TissuGlu patients experience a better quality of life during recovery compared to drains. A clinical study proved that patients who used TissuGlu returned to a normal work schedule approximately 3 days sooner than those with drains. Although you might feel eager to resume heavy activity following your tummy tuck with TissuGlu, please remember you just had a major surgery and your body will need time to heal. Be sure to carefully follow Dr. Bash’s recovery instructions.

What are the risks associated with TissuGlu?

Extensive clinical studies were performed using TissuGlu and there were no increased safety risks. Potential complications are associated with the tummy tuck procedure and also with TissuGlu. They can include seroma (fluid) formation, rash/redness, infection, scarring, hematoma (bruising or swelling), incision separation, and immunological reaction. Ask your doctor to explain the risks and potential complications associated with the tummy tuck procedure and with TissuGlu. For full safety information, please visit .

Looking for the Lowest Price

I can’t begin to tell you how often we get calls to the office with someone who is just “shopping around” and wants a price for surgery. “How much do you charge for a mommy makeover” (an impossible question to answer in the first place, since this is just a general term for any surgical procedure that a woman who has had children may want). Give them a price, and they say “thank you” and hang up. They aren’t interested in the doctor’s experience or qualifications—just the price.

For a surgery which is pretty standard, such as a breast augmentation with a saline implant, we can give a price on the phone. Of course, that assumes that the patient doesn’t need a breast lift and is generally healthy. If they want a silicone implant, the price will vary depending on the type of implant they choose, and they most likely won’t know that until they come in for a consult. So even a “simple” surgery isn’t always easy to quote on the phone.

But here is my real questions—are you really just shopping for the cheapest surgeon? If a family member needed to have heart bypass surgery, would you call around and ask what the surgeon charges, and then go with the cheapest? Really?

The lowest price should NEVER be the deciding factor when choosing a surgeon of any kind. I think the problem is that many patients forget that cosmetic surgery is two words, and the second word is SURGERY ! It is real surgery , with real risks and real possible complications .The training, experience, skills, bedside manner, staff, operating facility, and the anesthesiologist all factor into the safety and outcome. That doesn’t mean that the most expensive surgeon will give you the very best results or guarantee that you won’t have any complications—no one can make the guarantee. But safety, proper board certification, and experience do matter, and should matter.

So the next time you are just calling around for prices, think twice. Think three or four times. Even if you are “shopping” for Botox or Juvederm—(it isn’t a real surgery you tell yourself, just someone injecting a prescription drug into your face….) Who is doing the procedure? What is their training? Who is the back-up?

Yes, price matters when the dollars are coming out of your pocket. I get that. But this is your life we are talking about.

The old adage “you get what you pay for” applies to medicine as well. Food for thought.